Tagware Crew goes to Future Decoded at Excel – Microsoft 2016 Server & Cloud

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is on its way!

All the best bits were highlighted in another session I went to. One of the main ones was the Microsoft 2016 Servers ability to interact with TPM version 2.0. In a nutshell, this allows the ISP or Cloud provider to point to the owner should our friends NSA or GHCQ want to look at the server. Microsoft has nice sidestepped the issue of encryption. As with TPM 2.0 enable hardware. If, you can’t talk to the certificate holder for that hardware. Nothing is going to happen.  You can bounce in a pick up the Hard drive or the complete unit. Without the system being able to retrieve the certificate. Then, the whole lot is grounded. Wiping out any of the drives will just provide an encrypted drive that you cannot read on any system that cannot talk to its Security systems. Nicely, done there Microsoft. That should stop your friends in government putting you in an untenable position in terms of data security.

Dawson and I seem to think we were the only old plods left!

The young smiling face of youth. I remember when I was that bouncy! Secondly, that this Cloud stuff it is very busy and noisy by all accounts. I’m still waiting for Air Traffic control to come to a sort this mess out!

But, as I was walking around the show. I had a feeling that I got when I watched  Chitty chitty bang bang many years ago. When the Child catcher turns up with sweets and ice cream. All of which were free.


Until of course the cage is closed and the pretty decorations come down!

Don’t forget. If, you do set up on Cloud. Make sure that you can migrate away should you need to. Or, you may end up with a larger bill than the CIO was expecting.

Well, that’s me done for today.

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Tagware Crew goes to Future Decoded at Excel – “Computers that will power themselves”

Is the last one really a prediction?

We already have a device that grabs power out of the air and utilises it to power a sensor on atmospheric conditions by FreeVolt™ This system can already power low-level devices. CPU power requirements are also going down under the same speed as More Law is for CPU computation has gone up.

Anyway, that was the keynote sessions done with. Dawson and I took a stroll to the breakout sessions during the afternoon. The first session we ended in was a session call “Windows Universal Platform“.

OK. What’s that then? What Microsoft developer has now got to play with is a core set of Windows functions that can work from IoT (Like Raspberry PI or Arm) or a Microsoft Games Platform or controller, Microsoft Phone or Desktop. Now, that means that providing the elements that you need are there. The code, on the whole, will not need to change.  This was given as a working example of controlling the Microsoft Ball. We started on a PC then migrated to a phone, then to a Raspberry PI than to a Microsoft games controller. The additional code was left in place and didn’t error. You only had to add to the base library on specific elements. For example, the Raspberry PI has I/O port pins rather than the conventional ports on a Desktop PC. However, within the hour the control program had been ported to all of the platforms and run without error.

Even as an old BASIC programmer. Not into all this new, we will do it for you object oriented programming stuff. I was impressed. Dawson looks quite pleased as well. He’s into the latter.

So, all in all, we took away some interesting points!

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Tagware Crew goes to Future Decoded at Excel – Machine Intelligence

Which, brings you into what Machine Intelligence is all about. Where it is impossible for a human brain to have sufficient resource to look at these data sets. Due to the boredom level increasing by the hour. The computers are starting to be able to look for specific traits and adapt the code to suit. Within, the Microsoft Research session we were also introduced to APIs from Project Oxford that can now be used for facial recognition and emotion recognition.

Now, this is not the real AI. We are not in the Terminator level of control quite yet. But, I believe we are starting to get to the HAL level in the epic film 2001 space odyssey (1968). So, you already have Microsoft’s Cortana and Apples Siri and Google API Option. Perhaps, not quite as evil as HAL turns out. Give them time. They are trying to build up trust here. :o)


This film probably kicked me into computers in the first place!

But, the holding a conversation and controlling the day to day elements of the space ship is well within the grasp of the system. One of the things that people forget with NASA projects. Is that they have to jump at a technology at one point that will turn out to be many years behind. When they actually get to launch the project several years later. Think about it for a second. They have to choose now what they will be using in 10 years time. Think back 10 years on what has changed in that time alone.

The other point. Which, starts to make your mind go ouch. Is that the exponential growth that can occur.

For an example. The GENOME project. This is where they were trying to break down the human D.N.A. In 2001, the first year they had got to 1% of the chain had been completed. Numerous people said that the project team should give up. You only have 7 years of funding and you have only reached 1% in this year alone. You not going to make it by year 7. However, because of the exponential growth, they reach the goal in 6.5 years!

Now you heard of More’s Law. Where computing power doubles every 18 months! Yep, that small problem using the current set of CPU would have taken less than 1.5 years! Scary in one sense and truly wonderful in another.

However, getting back to the show. Kevin Ashton made some predictions as listed below;

  • You will own a self-driving car by 2030
    Your great-grandchildren will have a 3-digit life expectancy
    We will discover extra-terrestrial life in this century
    Within the next 100 years, a human being will be born on another planet
    By the end of the 22nd century, most people will be vegetarian
    We will survive climate change
    Within 20 years most computers will power themselves – this is the IoT prediction

His point was making the predictions was easy! Actually, believing them was the hard bit. He pointed out that it didn’t matter if he got the “Climate Change” one wrong. As there probably wouldn’t be anyone in the room to say “told you so!” when it didn’t happen.

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Tagware Crew goes to Future Decoded at Excel UK.

Well, what did we find?

First of all. Microsoft invited us back after last year’s event! So, we must have been on best behaviour last year.

This year they invited us to download a purpose written APP to help in guiding us around the event without issue. As you might expect. There were a few teething troubles with some folk saying that they couldn’t log in and the APP thing crashing everywhere. Hey, what did you expect? It’s Microsoft after all. I can hear you say!

Well no it wasn’t. It was a crew that was contacted by our Microsoft friends to clean up the entry to the event after a busy entrance last year. In truth, I think Microsoft events, was behind the curve last year and got caught by the sheer numbers that turn up.

However, I can report that this year’s event was back to it’s normal USA style efficiency in checking people into the event. They also carefully reminded everyone to bring the 5 digit code. So, that most of the process was complete by us. This surprisingly works out really well. As we were all technical bods anyway! I did help out by wearing one of our sweatshirts that have ‘TAGWARE’ embroidered on the front. I have saved you from looking at the picture of me wearing it. Are you grateful?

The only issue that Dawson quite rightly pointed out. The app wanted to suck up all of the contact information from our phone contact list. Which, would normally be ‘Commercial in Confident’ level of information? Bad Microsoft! However, if you use Windows 10, then, there is nothing that is off limits. However, that’s for another post.

So, Dawson and I swan into this large hall where we learnt about Microsoft’s new ideas. I believe that most of the speakers at the event have video’s which can be viewed at However, for those that like to read the overview, it’s here.

Well the most informative session of that morning to me was the COW mission. Yep, I can hear you now saying “what do Cows have to do with technology”?

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