Tagware Crew goes to Future Decoded at Excel – “Computers that will power themselves”

Is the last one really a prediction?

We already have a device that grabs power out of the air and utilises it to power a sensor on atmospheric conditions by FreeVolt™ This system can already power low-level devices. CPU power requirements are also going down under the same speed as More Law is for CPU computation has gone up.

Anyway, that was the keynote sessions done with. Dawson and I took a stroll to the breakout sessions during the afternoon. The first session we ended in was a session call “Windows Universal Platform“.

OK. What’s that then? What Microsoft developer has now got to play with is a core set of Windows functions that can work from IoT (Like Raspberry PI or Arm) or a Microsoft Games Platform or controller, Microsoft Phone or Desktop. Now, that means that providing the elements that you need are there. The code, on the whole, will not need to change.  This was given as a working example of controlling the Microsoft Ball. We started on a PC then migrated to a phone, then to a Raspberry PI than to a Microsoft games controller. The additional code was left in place and didn’t error. You only had to add to the base library on specific elements. For example, the Raspberry PI has I/O port pins rather than the conventional ports on a Desktop PC. However, within the hour the control program had been ported to all of the platforms and run without error.

Even as an old BASIC programmer. Not into all this new, we will do it for you object oriented programming stuff. I was impressed. Dawson looks quite pleased as well. He’s into the latter.

So, all in all, we took away some interesting points!

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