Cloud IT Support

With the growing support of Broad Band and Internet technologies over the world. The ‘Cloud’ technologies can now be implemented over the Global to allow for rapid expansion of Services from both the Corporate and Start-ups alike.

The ability to quickly provision and develop systems in the cloud and gaining by paying as you use the resource. Against, using the standard model of paying for the physical equipment and software deployment upfront. Has large benefits to the cash flow model of most enterprises.

With, all of the additional administrative costs of making the service resilient to both power, backup, DR and communication outages. It has always been a time consuming and costly exercise to enterprises.

The Cloud has come of age and large player in the technology field such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, have made it their business to provide the facilities all over the globe. At a fraction of the cost that it would normally cost an independent company, should it try to deploy on the same scale?

With advance backup facilities and storage available with 3 levels of redundancy. It is hard for the CIO to justify not utilising these facilities.

However, with flexibility comes the additional task of ensuring that the facilities are being used to the optimum. Something, that sadly is lacking in many enterprises.

Tagware are here to help ensure that you make savings, without compromising the solution and getting the full managed benefits of the cloud and not just the expensive bill at the end of it.

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