Windows 10

Windows 10 comes in a couple of versions. 32-bit which need 1Gb and 64-bit which needs a minimum of 2Gb RAM.  Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS and 20 GB for 64-bit OS

They are Home, Professional and Enterprise. The main aspect of Windows 10 is to continually develop the product through its life cycle. The only version that doesn’t have this feature is at the Enterprise level.

There are a number of Development Rings that IT Professionals can a join.

There are a serval Development Rings that IT Professionals can a dropped into depending on their wish for the stability of the product. As Microsoft has a new release it is pushed to the Developers or IT professionals first as a validation ring of several 1,000 before the product is pushed out to the next Ring above. Then finally to the overall user base.

This allows Microsoft to have both the in-house and real world testing before it gets to the domestic audience.  This has in the past been at the expense of any control when it applied these updates. To which many industry commentators have remark is a rather balsa way to apply updates. But, you can see why Microsoft took this stand as Users on prior Windows releases didn’t update the core system and this leads to them being targets to Hackers and nasty virus.

The OS itself has a reasonable virus checker called Windows Defender. Which with the Cloud monitoring allows Microsoft to see any threat to the systems used by the public.

They have also pushed the Users to utilise the On-line cloud account for saving both personal settings and files which they may wish to use on others devices. Whilst, IT professionals can side step this. Most non-IT public will happily sign up to the Microsoft Cloud.

Obviously, this has the effect of allowing MS to monitor nearly everything on the Windows 10 infrastructure. Something that hasn’t gone un-noticed by the IT press.

It also has Legal issues around this as well. As if Microsoft are forced by the US authorities to give copies of data that they hold on the User. This could invalidate any Commercial Security. They have up to now successfully resisted in Public anyway the advances of the US authorities. But, companies may wish to ensure that data security to their product is not left un-secure before their User base gets to use the Window 10 product.